Therapy via linked PCs

If you are unable to get to my practice in Kent, it may be possible to carry out therapy via PC based cameras – for instance, using Skype or VSee. In this case you would need to have a strong broadband connection ( sufficient to carry video ) and some sort of camera linked to your PC.

I will establish the internet connection with you and carry out the initial consultation. If we agree that therapy is appropriate, we will also be able to determine whether the internet connection is good enough to enable ongoing hypnotherapy sessions.

If everything is OK, I will post you a copy of my CD, with background music – to play in your own equipment, whilst I talk to you through the internet set-up.

Ideally you should have somewhere in your room to lie down – and the camera angle should be able to cover that position.

Internet links and broadband speeds are not always ideal – but in good conditions this method works really well and overcomes the geographical problem.

Session prices are the same as if you came to the practice.

If you are interested in this method of therapy, let me know.

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