Anxiety and Stress

Excess fear of a situation can often result in anxiety. This is a natural response and is the body’s way of preparing to fight or flight in an attempt to protect us.

Anxiety varies from one person to the next and symptoms of general anxiety disorder can develop slowly with some people developing a few symptoms, whilst others have more.

Symptoms can be physical or psychological:

In the body In the mind
irregular heartbeat (palpitations) difficulty concentrating
sleep disturbances (insomnia) a sense of dread
digestive problems (IBS) restlessness
headaches or migraine irritability
muscle aches and tension impatience
dizziness or drowsiness being easily distracted
shortness of breath feeling constantly ‘on edge’
stomach ache or nausea low self esteem

When clients have excess anxiety, they can often suffer from various illnesses and conditions, including panic attacks.

By understanding how the brain responds to anxiety, individuals can take control back and deal with life situations more appropriately.

In hypnotherapy, this can be carried out in a relaxed state and we can often see a difference within a relatively short period of time.

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