Depression can occur due to a one-off life event such as a bereavement, divorce, ill-health or redundancy situation – or as a combination of various situations over a prolonged period.

Symptoms can be physical or psychological:

In the body In the mind
Change in weight (increase or decrease) Intolerant of others
Disturbed sleep patterns Feelings of hopelessness
Unexplained aches or pains Lack of motivation or interest
Lacking in energy / tired Difficulty making decisions
Changes in menstrual cycle Continuous low mood or sadness
Digestive disorders Reduced sex drive
Skin complaints Feelings of guilt
Movement or speech slower Thoughts of death  – self or others

Depression can often result in individuals withdrawing from their normal social life, so reducing contact with friends and difficulties in family relationships. Often individuals experience problems at work.

By understanding how the brain responds to a depressive episode, individuals can take control back and deal with life situations more appropriately.

In hypnotherapy, this can be carried out in a relaxed state and we can often see a difference within a relatively short period of time.

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