Children’s issues

Many children face similar challenges in everyday life,
as their adult parents.

The most common problems for children include:

Issue Details
Bed wetting This can be caused by stress or depression which results in the child sleeping too deeply. The mechanism that takes messages to the brain that the bladder is full arrives too late for the child to regain full consciousness in time
Exam stress Anxiety can result in either the child not spending the preparation time studying for the exam or to full blown panic attacks on the day of the exam
Phobias These can range from mild fear to sheer terror
Lack of Confidence This can be caused by natural shyness or life experiences, including bullying
Low self-esteem There may be self-doubt, lack of assertiveness , negative beliefs, sensitivity
Bereavement They may react to emotions of others or experience a deep loss which is thought of as insignificant by others around them
– such as a pop star or family pet
Home changes including divorce Any change can cause disruption to an ordinary balanced emotional state

Hypnotherapy can be used as a relaxation tool to reduce stress and anxiety associated with some of the above.

In addition, visualisation and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques will be utilised to remove any fears associated with the situation.

Aspects of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and solutions focused brief therapy will then allow the child to identify their goals and work towards achieving these. This will allow them to concentrate on more positive aspects of their lives.

The number of session required will be determined by the particular problem concerned, however where general anxiety is involved, this will usually be between 8-12 sessions, although some conditions may be improved after 3 or 4 sessions.

Phobias will usually require 3-5 sessions.

A therapy plan will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Parents or guardians can accompany children either to the initial consultation or to all sessions, however I do have a valid CRB clearance, so they may want to remain in the waiting area at the practice, if the child prefers this.

To listen to a soothing bedtime hypnotherapy session, to help your child get to sleep, click on the link:

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