What happens during sessions?

The initial consultation will last for around an hour and will include several elements.

Firstly, we will discuss your particular requirements or goals. For instance, this may include management of your weight, or gaining more confidence to carry out an activity or some other reason.

Next I will gather information to help me assess the overall therapy plan. This will include some general personal information, sleeping patterns and any specific medical symptoms or medication, for instance for IBS or migraine.

We will always take into account any work being done with other healthcare professionals – it’s fairly common for clients to also be seeing their GP for their conditions.

If I think that I will be able to provide therapy, I will explain how the mind works in more detail, using an outline of the brain, to explain why some people experience particular symptoms and how I can help you.

This will also include an explanation of trance and hypnosis, so that you  understand that this is a very normal situation – we all go into trance many times a day.

Please rest assured that clinical hypnotherapy is very different to stage hypnosis –you will always be in full control. See the section on  hypnotherapy for further details.

If appropriate, I will also take a reading on our GSR meter, which measures anxiety levels.

You will then be given a free CD, to listen to, during the next week for relaxation, prior to your next therapy session which is usually the following week.

My speciality is solution-focused brief therapy, meaning short therapy, and I will be able to give you an indication of the anticipated number of sessions needed.

After the initial consultation, subsequent sessions, will be in two parts and will last for 50-60 minutes.  The first part will involve a seated discussion, with the second part based on the hypnotherapy couch. Depending on the therapy plan, elements of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) may be incorporated.

For Stop Smoking therapy, an initial consultation is not required, as this is a one-off therapy, incorporating the elements of the initial consultation, within the 90-120 minute session.

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